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10 Curb Appeal Makeovers That Can Increase Your Home's Value

Justin Woodbeck

FAMILY MAN | EXPLORER | SOLUTION SEEKER Justin spent his formative years in Detroit as a police officer, training officer and instructor...

FAMILY MAN | EXPLORER | SOLUTION SEEKER Justin spent his formative years in Detroit as a police officer, training officer and instructor...

Nov 26 4 minutes read

 In real estate, a beautiful home isn't just memorable, but it can make or break a home sale. The exterior of your home deserves the same attention to detail as the interior. 

Improving the look of your home’s exterior doesn’t require a 6-man crew and thousands of dollars. From fresh paint to colorful plants, these ten easy updates can be accomplished by just about any homeowner, and shouldn’t stress your finances either.

1. Add a fresh coat of paint

Depending on what your budget is, painting can give you a lot of bang for your buck. When painting, don’t forget the picket fences around your yard, trimming around the eaves of the roof, and replacing old gutters and downspouts that may catapult the exterior appeal of your home.

2. Update your landscaping

Before you spend a dime on your house, look at your yard, sidewalk, and front entryway. In all of these areas, a few hours of yard work to tidy up your property can go a long way. Tall trees and shrubs can make a small house look smaller. Look for lush ground cover plants and use your garden to add a few pops of color to build more dimension to your walkway

3. Add architectural flair 

Make heads turn by adding attractive trim or stone to your walkway. Another place that could most likely use a few touches is your front entry door hardware. New metal finishes and different decorative styled lighting fixtures can turn this space around in minutes.

4. Turn on the charm

The strongest appeal to any home is adding bits of charm to welcome your visitors. Think of the details that make the exterior of your home unique like a sitting bench, rocking chair, and subtle walkway lighting. If you have a large front porch, consider adding cozy furniture and an outdoor area rug. Allow potential buyers to envision themselves enjoying their morning coffee or greeting guests!

5. Emphasize the front door

A brightly colored door is a great way to draw attention to your house. The front door should be your home exterior's focal point — ramp up the appeal by painting it a rich hue and update hardware with a new knocker. Another way to impress potential buyers is with smart updates such as a virtual doorbell or security cameras.

6. Clean up your walkway

This can be as easy as pressure washing your concrete walkway or adding in colored mulch to your landscaping. The contrast of a light walkway with dark mulch creates an illusion of length. You should even consider adding lights or lanterns - a little light goes a long way!

7. Create symmetry 

Symmetry is not only pleasing to the eye, but it's also simple to arrange. Symmetrical structures such as light fixtures, potted plants, and other front-door accents create a welcoming entryway and boost curb appeal.

8. Mailbox makeover 

Mailboxes should complement the home and express the homeowner's personality. Dress up your mailbox for easy curb appeal by painting the wooden post to match the house's exterior color, or by surrounding it with a beautiful flower garden.

9. Add shutters or accent trim

Shutters and trim add a welcoming layer of beauty and curb appeal to your home's exterior. Exterior shutters can be made of wood, aluminum, vinyl, composite, or fiberglass.

10. Replace the gutters

If your home has an older gutter system, chances are it's also suffering from peeling paint, rust, or other problems that can convey a sense of neglect. Replace old systems with a newer vinyl gutter system or pull out the paint.

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